What do Leelee's clients say?

Leelee is always very helpful, professional and beyond willing to help. When I have a problem or a question, it is always answered quickly and accurately. I have trusted her with all of my insurance needs, and she has always been there for me. Thank you Leelee for doing such a great job and for answering all my never-ending questions so promptly! I have never had to worry since my family got all of our insurance in place. Your service is definitely exceed my expectation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Connie Zhang from Hamilton

Leelee and her team offer a very professional and prompt service. Leelee always has time to answer queries and offers sound advice, simplifying what to me are complicated insurance problems! They always managed to meet all of my insurance requirements, I am delighted with the service they provide and have no hesitation in recommending them.
Jenny Chen from Hamilton

Leelee has been extremely helpful to me not only in terms of insurance but also in sharing her expertise in financial management. I continue to be impressed with her service even after our initial consultation. She responds promptly to my requests for assistance and is generous with her time to ensure that all of my questions are answered and I am satisfied with how I am managing my insurance and personal finances. She has also referred me to others in the financial world who have been extremely helpful in areas outside of her expertise. This shows me that she is well connected and well respected in the industry. I was recommended to Leelee by a friend and I would recommend her to anyone.
Elaine Bliss from Hamilton (University of Waikato)

It would delight me to provide some positive feedback regarding the service we receive from Leelee and her team. We have been serviced by Leelee and her team for many years with their wonderful professional consultation services. No matter how small our issues, Leelee never fails to provide help and try her best to help us. Her professionalism and dedication to customer service was very much appreciated by myself and all of my family.
Robbie Shen from Hamilton (IT at Wintec)

I have been a client of Leelee’s for 5 years now. Leelee and her professional team provide the best services to me. They speed up my claim process all the time, which makes me trust them completely. Leelee is a really good listener and communicator which is required to fully understand her client’s situation and needs. Leelee creates the most suitable insurance plan with her professional knowledge for her clients.
Pam Zhang from Hamilton (Travel Agent)

Leelee is very professional and has always been very patient when explaining everything. I would like to refer Leelee to my friends.
Vivian Wang From Auckland (Travel Agent)

Leelee came to our home and spent some time talking to us, and understanding our situation and needs. She then organised a report recommending an insurance policy to balance perfectly with our family. Recently my son became ill, and at 18 months he has needed 3 different surgeries. Leelee personally ensures our claims to the insurer are all in order, and because of this we have never has an issue getting a claim approved. Leelee and her team are very professional, are always ready to help, and make sure we stay informed of everything to do with our insurance. Because of the care we are able to get for our son, I am always thankful we chose to follow Leelee’s recommendation.
Glenn & Nicki McCarthy from RGL, Hamilton.

In 2007 when I was having lunch with Leelee and her husband, Leelee asked me what kind of Health Insurance I had? I replied I had considered getting Health Insurance but I didn’t really know what I needed. She asked me a few questions and later that week provided me with a comprehensive analysis of my Health Insurance options. The package she recommended was excellent and met all of my needs and also including getting lump sum critical illness insurance. I was unsure about the lump sum option at the time but decided to trust Leelee’s professional opinion. In 2010 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. Thanks to Leelee’s advice I received a lump sum payout from the insurance company which has a made huge difference in my life. Money would not be an issue and I was able to 100% concentrate on getting better. Throughout the treatment she and her team have been regularly checking in on me and making sure that everything is going well. She has also kept me informed of any new offers such as changes to the policy which allow me to get a second opinion from an expert.
Leelee is a very caring person, she takes the time to understand your individual needs and tailor’s the policies to ensure that all your needs are covered. I completely trust in her advice and her professionalism and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her in the future (which I frequently do).
Gareth from Auckland (IT Manager at Gen-i).

Both Leelee and her team are very knowledgeable and efficient with regards to all the insurance policies we have. They are always ready to be of assistance in timely manner. I highly recommend their service to all our friends and family.
Sharon and Sunil Singh from Hamilton (Physiotherapist from Laura Fergusson Trust and Hillcrest Physio Clinic)

Leelee provides very good service to make a smooth way between Client and Insurance Company, and also speed up the claim process. She can also deal with some difficulties of Chinese communities who are not familiar with New Zealand medical systems. These are great news for Chinese communities.
Yanbin Deng from Hamilton (Scientist from Environment Waikato)

Before Leelee came to talk to me about insurance we were unsure about what our policy covered and didn't cover. Leelee carried out an extensive analysis of my personal needs and goals and compared it to my insurance policy to see whether I was getting the proper insurance cover that was right for me. After a few days Leelee came back to me with a detailed report of what my insurance policy was covering (or not covering) and what I needed to be aware of.
I was surprised to see that the insurance policy I had did not cover me for much at all. Leelee suggested a new policy and a new insurance provider that would better suit my lifestyle and needs. I didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that I needed to change my policy and insurance provider. Then, as fate may have it, about six months later a situation happened to me where I ended up in hospital.
I told Leelee what happened and she advised that I was covered under my insurance policy to receive a $20,000 pay out!
Leelee sorted out all the paper work and worked behind the scenes to ensure that my claim could be made and worked hard at ensuring that I received the $20,000 pay out that I was entitled to.
Leelee is a very caring person who makes you feel very at ease and positive about the whole insurance claim process. She made me feel very confident and clear about what I was covered for and whether I needed to change anything in my policy. She is also very thorough when explaining the different sorts of cover you can get. I recommend Leelee to anyone wanting advice on insurance, she listens and acts on your needs, is confident and compassionate and with the experience I have had, I can confidently say she really knows her stuff!!
Kelly from Hamilton (Chartered Accountant, senior tax consultant at Deloitte)

I have often had to contact people working in insurance. Leelee Li undertook a review of my wife's and my insurance policies and never have I encountered a person in the industry who is as dedicated, efficient, cheerful and right up to date with current issues and policies as Leelee. She asked the right questions and promptly returned with a dossier of valuable information about our current policies. On the basis of her information and professional advice, my wife and I were able to make some key decisions about our insurance needs and policies. We are much happier now about our insurance.
At all times Leelee was courteous, effective and reliable. She did things before her own deadlines and fulfilled all her commitments to us. We are indebted to her for her conscientious collecting of information, her advice based on her own extensive knowledge of insurance, and her warm, friendly and professional manner.
We recommend Leelee warmly to anyone wanting to review their insurance needs and policies.
Richard Lawrence from Hamilton (Lecturer at Wintec)

I known Leelee for about 3 years, our family became her clients last year. She, in the past, worked as a medical and travel insurance advisor for many international students, and got great responses about her services. So with no hesitation, our family chose her as our insurance advisor after we heard that she works for immigrants. I realized then why she has such a good reputation about her work --- she knows lots of policies and a wide range of areas from medicine to workplace environment, from KiwiSaver to investment. You can ask her anything you are concerned about but you have no time to deal with yourself. Her response is always prompt, and satisfying.
Not only this, she is also good and fast with claim issues. My husband got an eye problem and would like to see a doctor. She immediately consulted with us about how to see an eye specialist and in the meantime got the claim prior approved. We did not worry about payment but went to the eye clinic for the eye examinations. Overall I have a feeling I don’t worry about anything any more about health insurance with Leelee as our advisor. So I recommend you go to see Leelee and let her take care of you…You will see what I said is all true…
Dr Yi Li from Hamilton (Microbiologist at AgResearch)

Leelee provides a professional and friendly service, she made the whole process easy and we feel like we are in very capable hands. Her explanations and examples were helpful for us to get an understanding of the best options to ensure comprehensive insurance cover for our family. We also appreciated the opportunity to meet with Leelee outside of our own working hours.
Shane & Anna from Hamilton (IT consultant at APL & solicitor at Norris Ward McKinnon Lawyers) (February 2008)

Leelee is really nice to work with and makes some rather complex concepts easy to understand. Not sure if that is because of her extensive knowledge or personality (maybe both). I’m sure you will find Leelee very helpful not just as an adviser but also a friend!
A.C. Chou from Hamilton (Pharmacist at Northcare Thomas Road Pharmacy)

We met Leelee at a workshop for migrants. We were looking for information about the house market as we were not happy renting a property.
As one of the lectures, Leelee reported about insurances and we decided to catch up with her at a later stage.
Depending on our residency status, it was an ongoing procedure and we want to thank Leelee for her patience. Eventually, she provided the exact solution we were looking for.
She was very considerate of our available time. She came to our house in the evening after work.
We, at no time, ever had the feeling she pushes us into a decision. She is very helpful and made sure we understand all policies before we actually signed them.
She was also giving us advice on the KiwiSaver. We are very happy with the service Leelee provided to us.
We know Leelee as a very professional and caring person. We are grateful to have met her and to have obtained the awesome service she provides to clients.
Frank & Iris from Germany (System engineer at Elite Hamilton)

Thank you so much for the extremely enlightening seminar on Kiwisaver, everyone was impressed by your professionalism and clear explanation.
On behalf of all Regent Staff, I would like to say thank you again.
Michael from Auckland (Human Resources Manager at Regent International Education Group)

I have been Leelee's client for two years. I am impressed with her professional knowledge for different insurance products and claim procedures. She has consistently delivered quality services. And I am very happy to refer her on to people who need insurance advice.
Gary Dai and Wendy Wang from Hamilton

Service wise, it’s satisfactory. I find Leelee very knowledgeable about issues regarding security, health, lifestyle and well being. She knows what policy is best for you. She is an eye opener to people who are not insurance oriented and how important to be secured in times of crisis, It’s a matter of being secured for a lifetime. She is reliable and informative. You just can’t say NO to her.
Maria from Philippines (Waikato Hospital)

I have never signed up with any insurance all my life till I meet you as my advisor, coz I have always thought insurance people sell them to us to buy not to benefit. Well all that changed after my discussion with you coz you were very informative and I would say well read in your area/speciality. I like your professional conduct and would gladly refer all off my friends for that reason. Well once again I will say thanks keep it up girl and your services are greatly appreciated. Sakelene Mpofu from Zimbabwe (General Nurse at Waikato Hospital)